Who would want to be an architecture student?

Hej!  I came across this article about Phil’s alma mater and an insightful response on BLDGBLOG (October 30 post).  I thought they would be of interest, perhaps not in relation to our current proposals, but in the way that they raise some intriguing questions about architectural education.  Depressing?  Inspiring?  I’m not sure but it’s always good to question!



KE09: Ben&Sebastian: Mountain of Depression

The piece ‘Mountain of Depression’ is a mountain that literally grows out of depression. As an adjustable height office table is lowered, contour lines spring up from its surface and various strata are revealed within it. The mountain consists of layer upon layer of modelled office spaces – from board room to telesales offices. Mountain of Depression delves into the unspoken relationships that exist within office environments, suggesting an emotional landscape underlying the façade of a neutral and anonymous workplace, the sort of landscape that evades diagrams of work flow and management structures.


Mountain of Depression


Date: Saturday, October 31, 2009

Time: 12.00pm-5.00pm

Location: Gl. Holtegaard, Attemosevej 170, Holte

Gl. Holtegaard website

Programme at the opening:

12.30 Welcoming speech by Gl Holtegaards’ director Mads Damsbo

12.40 Opening speech by KE´s chairman Frederik Lindskov

12.50 Special Guest

13.00 Artist talk, Baroque garden

14.00 Artist talk, Courtyard

15.00 Artist talk, Baroque garden

16.00 Artist talk, Courtyard


Bus 150S from Nørreport will take you to the museeum in only 25 min.

The exhibition is open from the 1st to the 15th of November 2009

– Cameline

Peter Salter…

Thought you all would find these drawings by P. Salter relevant after our discussion.

I have the book, 4+1 Peter Salter: Building Projects, at my desk if you’re interested in taking a look.Inami Woodcarving Museum

Ars Aevi-Archinect blog

This is my new entry on archinect. com. Sarajevo Part II: Ars Aevi.
Just after submitting it somebody already commented on it. I’m glad to know people are reading it.
The more I write on Sarajevo, the more I realized how much we saw and experienced there. Writing it’s helping me to grasp and make sense of the 2 weeks there.
More on Sarajevo will follow. Next topics, our life there (the food, the drinks, the hayat, the balkan, the ek bar, tito bar and the street pin-up), the ottoman house and the bridges, and one on some of the iconic buildings of the city. Perhaps the last entry could be a general overview of the topics and projects that we are working.
Enjoy it!



Savrseni krug (1997) – The perfect circle

I have to add a film recommendation to the film list. It’s “Savrseni krug” – ” The perfect circle”.

“An alcoholic Bosnian poet sends his wife and daughter away from Sarajevo so they can avoid the troubles there. However, he is soon descended upon by a pair of orphaned brothers. The brothers have escaped a massacre in their own village and have come to the Bosnian capital in search of a long lost Aunt. The poet befriends the boys and together they try to survive the horror of the siege of Sarajevo.”


– Alina

What happened to the bottle of whiskey?

Hey everyone!
Too bad we didn’t get a chance to zip on Phil’s whiskey Friday afternoon.
I wanted to share with you a blog that I’m writing for the website Archinect.
For you that are not familiar with it, it’s an excellent website to read articles, find jobs, search for competitions, recommend books, and it has a bunch of forums and discussions on the architecture world. It’s a great resource.
It’s very big among prospective architecture students, so there is a project called “school blog project”, where a student from a school or a department in the school shares a bit of what they are doing. The idea is to give a student perspective on the school. I’ve had only 2 postings, a quick intro about the school and the program and a general introduction on Sarajevo. I’m working on expanding on our 2 weeks in Sarajevo and hopefully next week I’ll post a couple more entries on it. I’ve had some positive feedback. A guy from New York wrote me about the program and he is already interested in applying for next year. It should be a good exposure for the program.
Hope you enjoy it, and if you have any suggestions on topics I should write, let me know!