Symposium: After The Fall

I am attending this symposium on Oct. 24th & 25t at the Royal Danish Theatre. It might have relevance to some of your programmes!

If anyone want to join in, you can sign up (and read more) here.

Registration deadline: Oct. 18th

“The conference AFTER THE FALL focuses on the cultural and political situation in Europe right now – 20 years after the fall of the Wall.

What Utopias – if any – have arosen due to the fall of the former Eastern and  Western block?
What new artistic forms of expression have emerged?
Has the massive boom of art biennales and theatre festivals in the 90’s and 00’s contributed to a diversity of artistic exchange or rather led to a global standardization of the artistic expression?
How does the ongoing financial crisis and recession influence our comprehension of the last 20 years of history?
Are we facing a new historical turning point, and are we now to re-interpret the events of the last decades?”

– Cameline


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