What happened to the bottle of whiskey?

Hey everyone!
Too bad we didn’t get a chance to zip on Phil’s whiskey Friday afternoon.
I wanted to share with you a blog that I’m writing for the website Archinect.
For you that are not familiar with it, it’s an excellent website to read articles, find jobs, search for competitions, recommend books, and it has a bunch of forums and discussions on the architecture world. It’s a great resource.
It’s very big among prospective architecture students, so there is a project called “school blog project”, where a student from a school or a department in the school shares a bit of what they are doing. The idea is to give a student perspective on the school. I’ve had only 2 postings, a quick intro about the school and the program and a general introduction on Sarajevo. I’m working on expanding on our 2 weeks in Sarajevo and hopefully next week I’ll post a couple more entries on it. I’ve had some positive feedback. A guy from New York wrote me about the program and he is already interested in applying for next year. It should be a good exposure for the program.
Hope you enjoy it, and if you have any suggestions on topics I should write, let me know!




One thought on “What happened to the bottle of whiskey?

  1. Ah yes, the whiskey. An important correction – it is not mine but a prize for the first posting on the blog. I have laid it to rest until next Thursday’s meeting when it can be presented to David in person (with 24 glasses…).

    ps: Good initiative with the Architenect Blog.

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