The Well Conceptualised Detail

As we discussed at the end of the pin-up on the 16th of last year, the practice of detailing provides a critical opportunity to explore and communicate your architectural intentions and concepts at a different magnitude of scale. We have now posted a couple of texts related to this topic – they are posted in Pages>Reading List>texts.

The first text relates to the design and detailing of the strange construct known as the ‘Orgone Accumulator’ – invented by Wilhelm Reich (see the Wikipedia entry here). This has been chosen not because of its tectonic refinement, but because it highlights the important notion that the physical material constructs we design and produce are born out of, and are implicitly related to the ideas that we construct about the worlds that we inhabit. It also discusses the notion that material assemblages construct and affect dynamic physical flows.

The second presents a range of working details catagorised through clearly articulated architectural concepts. This insightful mix reinforces the important understanding that the scale of tactile engagement with architecture, the moments of material junction and transition, present significant sites that ought to be conceptually charged.

Read, absorb and begin to consider how the realm of detailing offers you an opportunity to re-examine what you have already produced. Post the January workshops we will be asking you to work through drawings and 1:1 physical constructs to explore a critical detail within your current architectural proposition.

– phil