notation//synchronous objects

Hello EK Blog, are you lonely?  Well, here’s a little something something that will turn that frown upside down.  There was an interesting reading this week by Stan Allen that, once you peeled back the myriad layers of pretentious archispeak and latent scholarly penis envy that many old male architects seem to harbour, had some thoughtful insights into the changing nature of architectural notation and representation.  Now this got me to thinking about other forms of notation with possible links to architecture such as Labanotation which is used by dance choreographers.  I started looking for some examples of this and in the process stumbled upon this amazing project and its related website:

Basically the group involved in the project have rigorously analyzed a modern dance performance, One Flat Thing, and created a series of visual interpretations, or objects, using computer animation that seek to illuminate the organizational structure of the dance.  I think it goes beyond the flat, straightforward interpretation of Labanotation and offers a new way of reading and understanding a dance.  I suspect the project offers numerous potential connections to architectural analysis and representation.  It’s also just a really nice piece of art.  Please check it out, I would love to hear your ideas on how this could or could not be related to an architectural context!



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