Vila Saló

For anyone interested in theatre and performance, there is a very interesting and rare event going on in Copenhagen right now. A villa in Østerbro has been transformed into a universe of terror, violence, sex, shit, blood and tears, inspired by Pasolinis film Saló or 120 Days of Sodomy. The public is invited inside as guests of the different groups of the house, in which you walk around freely, and witness or take part in the events that occur. It is pretty intense, but also beyond any theatrical experience I have had, as it redefines the form of the theatre: the concepts of stage, interaction between actors and audience, reality and illusion, involvement of actors and audience, and duration of a piece of perfomance. The subject matter is also rich, exploring power relations and the responsibilities we have towards other people.

See the link, or ask me or Frederik about it if you want to know more.



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