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Sorry for the non-architectural character of this post, but does anyone want to be dog-sitter for me for the next two days (Thurs-Fri) ? The arrangement I had fell through, so I thought I’d see if the EK-resource might help me last-minute.

Pippi would be delivered tonight and picked up Saturday morning, bringing food, relatively good behaviors and a lot of charm.

If interested, call me 60711677



Research Practices: Aurélie Mossé – 1600 Friday 26th March

Aurélie Mossé from CITA will be presenting her research which examines notions of Energy Harvesting and the application of Self-Actuating Textiles with the domestic environment. Her work exploits, to stunning effect, the inherent material dynamics resulting from synthesised composites. Further details can be download from the texts page of the blog – (or you can try clicking here).

Research Practices is a new informal forum to encourage lively discourse framed around presentations by researchers operating within, and at the fringes of, the architectural project. Presentations start promptly at 1600 each Friday in the EK studio. 
All (and beers) are welcome – please spread the word.


“you don’t have to become a slave in a corporate office or groupie of a celebrity architect, because all you need is a piece of paper, a pencil and the desire to make architecture.”
These are the last words in a lecture by Raimund Abraham, held at SCI-Arc a week ago. Sadly, he was killed in a car accident just after giving that lecture.
Raimund was the most precise and intense teacher I ever had; he was the first to make me understand that architecture is a discipline rather than a profession, and that it has an ethical dimension.
There is a link to his last lecture here: (the sound quality is not great, but it gives a glimpse into the legacy of an architect who influenced and inspired numerous students) Abraham,


Research presentations

In support of the current brief with its focus on personally directed research, we are hoping to establish weekly informal presentations by researchers operating within and at the fringes of the architectural project. 
To inaugurate what we hope will become a lively, discursive forum, Phil will be presenting his current research interests which revolve around what he calls Persistent Modelling.

Next week we have Aurélie Mossé from CITA – more details to follow.

All are welcome – please spread the word.