Malta literature (+ some links)

>> From Niels and soon to be available on archimedes…jedidiah.

Audieu, ye joys of La Valette!

Adieu, sirocco, sun, and sweat!

..…Adieu, ye cursed streets of stairs!

(How surely he who mounts you swears!)…

Byron: Farewell to Malta (26th May, 1811)



The list below contain:

– List of available Malta Literature

– Comprehensive list of literature on Maltese art and architecture

– List of on-line articles

List of Malta links

List of available Malta Literature:

(all book titles (soon) available at Dept.2)


Thomas Pynchon: ”V”


Blue Guide – Malta & Gozo

L’archittetura a Malta (some articles in English, some in French or Italian)

Malta Views (exhibition catalogue)

Ambivalent Europeans: Ritual, Memory and the Public Sphere in Malta; Jon P. Mitchell

Caravaggio and Painters of Realism in Malta; Cynthia De Giorgio (Author, Editor), Keith Sciberras (Editor)

Maltes Islands guide

Historical Dictionary of Malta – Warren G. Berg

The Building of Malta 1530 – 1795; Quentin Hughes

Malta Sotterranea: Studies of its Early Christian and Jewish Sepulchural Art; Erich Becker, Katrin Fenech (Editor) Publisher: Midsea Books

Fortress Arch. By Q. Hughes

Huse på Malta; Lisbet Snoager Sloth

Comprehensive list of literature on Maltese art and architecture:

– titles not available at Dept. 2.

BLAGG, T.F.C., A. Bonanno, and A.T. Luttrell. Excavations at Hal Millieri, Malta. A Report on the 1977 Campaign Conducted on Behalf of the National Museum of Malta and The University of Malta. Msida: Malta University Press, 1990.

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BLOUET, Brian W. Valletta: A History of the City. Malta 1969.

BOFFA, Charles J. Malta’s Grand Harbour and Its Environs in War and Peace.

BONELLO, Giovanni. Art in Malta – Discoveries and Recoveries. Malta 1999.

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BONELLO, Giovanni. “The Vanished Piazzas and Other Notes on Valletta”. In: The Sunday Times, March 13, 1994. p. 40.

BONELLO, Giovanni. “Notes on Lost Valletta”. In: The Sunday Times, March 20, 1994. p. 32.

BONELLO, Vincenzo. “Old Valletta”. In: Bulletin of the Museum, Vol. 1, No.. 4 (1934), p. 159-164.

BORG, Malcolm. British colonial architecture: Malta (1800-1900). 2001

BRADFORD, Ernle. Der Schild Europas. Der Kampf der Malteserritter gegen die Türken. Munich 1979.

BRADFORD, Ernle. Kreuz und Schwert. Der Johanniter Malteser-Ritterorden. Munich 1983.

BRAUN, Hugh. An Introduction to Maltese Architecture. Malta 1957.

BRAUN, Hugh. Works of Art in Malta, Losses and Survivals in the War. London 1946.

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BUHAGIAR, Mario. “Medieval Churches in Malta”. In: Anthony T. Luttrell (Ed.). Medieval Malta. Studies on Malta Before the Knights. London 1975.
pp. 163-180.

BUHAGIAR, Mario. St. Catherine of Alexandria: Her Churches, Paintings and Statues in the Maltese Islands. Malta 1979.

BUHAGIAR, Mario. “Medieval Malta: Its Hypogea, Cave Churches and Ecclesiastical Buildings”. In: Patrick Calleja (Ed.). Architecture in Malta, Vol. 1:
Historical Aspects. Malta 1986. pp. 39-49.

BUHAGIAR, Mario. “Decoration and Architecture”. In: Patrick Calleja (Ed.). Architecture in Malta, Vol. 2: Evolution of a Culture. Malta 1986. pp.

BUHAGIAR, Mario. The Iconography of the Maltese Islands 1400-1900: Painting. Malta 1987.

BUHAGIAR, Mario and Stanley Fiorini. Mdina: the cathedral city of Malta – a reassessment of its history and a critical appreciation of its architecture and works of art, volume 2
( 99909-975-2-7 )

BUHAGIAR, Mario. The late medieval art and architecture of the Maltese Islands
( 99932-10-35-8)

BUHAGIAR, Mario and Stanley Fiorini (Hrsg.). Mdina: The Cathedral City of Malta: A Reassessment of its History and a Critical Appreciation of its Architecture and Works of Art. 2 Vols. Malta 1996.

BUHAGIAR, Mario. Essays on the Knights and art and architecture in Malta 1500 – 1798
( 978-99932-7-246-5 )

CASSAR, Joseph Paul (Ed.). Art in Malta Today. Malta 2000.

CALLEJA, Patrick(ed.). Architecture in Malta; I : historical aspects. 1986

CANON, John Ciarlo. The Hidden Gem: St. Paul’s Shipwreck Collegiate Church – Valletta, Malta.

CILIA, Daniel and Michael Ellul. Legacy in stone: the architecture of the Knights of St John in Malta. 1991

DARMANIN DEMAJO, Giovanni. Archivio Storico di Malta. 4 Vols. Malta 1927.

DE GIORGIO, Roger. A City by an Order. Malta 1985.

DE GIORGIO, Roger. “The Building of Valletta”. In: Patrick Calleja (Ed.). Architecture in Malta. Vol. 1: Historical Aspects. Malta 1986. pp. 34-38.

DE LUCCA, Denis. Mdina: a history of its urban space and architecture. ( 99909-43-15-X ) 1995

DE LUCCA, Denis. Carapecchia: master of baroque architecture in early eighteenth century Malta. ( 99909-93-00-9 ) 1999

DE PIRO, Nicholas. The Auberge d’Aragon. ( 99909-43-10-9 ) 1993

DE PIRO, Nicholas and Daniel Cilia, Joseph Scerri. Valletta. A City Built by Gentlemen for Gentlemen.

DE PIRO, Nicholas. Costume in Malta: A History of Fabric, Form and Function.

EADIE, Peter M. Blue Guide – Malta & Gozo.

ELLUL, Michael. The Valletta Holy Infirmary. [unpublished master’s thesis, University of  Rome] 1967.

ELLUL, Michael. Heritage of an Island : Malta. Malta Dept.of Information, 1975

ELLUL, Michael. Maltese-English dictionary of architecture and building in Malta: with biographical notes on Maltese and foreign architects who worked in Malta.
( 978-99932-7-292-2 ) 2009

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FONDAZZJONI PATRIMONJU MALTI. Treasures of Malta. Various Volumes, published three times a year.

HARRISON and Hubbard. Valletta and the three Cities.

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( 978-99932-607-3-8 )

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ZAMMIT, Andre. Our architects: their lives and times – a private archive unveiled from the times of the Order of St John. ( 978-99909-0-509-0 ) 2009

ZAMMIT, T. Valletta – A Historical Sketch. Malta 1929.

ZAMMIT, Themistocles. The prehistoric temples of Malta and Gozo. 1995

List of on-line articles:

Articles on the ‘cart ruts’ of Malta:

…and two more on cart ruts:

Article: Elise Billiard: ‘When Tradition Becomes Trendy: Social distinction in Maltese Food

Culture’, which delves into the historical and social aspects of the

Maltese Food Culture.:

Article: PAUL SANT CASSIA (University of Durham):

Exoticizing Discoveries and Extraordinary Experiences:

– Traditional’ music, modernity, and nostalgia in Malta and other Mediterranean societies:

Article: ‘Genius spotted in Strait Street – locals love him’, by Ranier Fsadni

More articles from the same site…
Article: A Brief History of Food in Malta

List of Malta links:

MEPA – Malta Environment & Planning Authority:

MEPA – Map Server

Grand Harbour Local Plan:

Calendar / Events

Malta news:

The Malta Independent Online

Times of Malta

Malta Today


…a few strange Malta sources found in the Internet Archive at:

A brief history of the voyage of Katharine Evans and Sarah Cheevers, to the island of Malta:

To which is added, a short relation from George Robinson, of the sufferings which befel him in his journey to Jerusalem. 1715:


The ritual of the commandery, containing the work, lectures and monitorial of the Orders of Red Cross, Knight Templar and Knight of Malta: NY. 1878:


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