Military Architecture anno 2010 (Palestine)

As a consolation for my absence from the meeting today, I bring you news of an extremely interesting lecture I attended in Oslo last night. It might be especially relevant to anyone working with military architecture, but I think it should be of general interest as well.

The lecture was held in connection with an exhibition of a project called Decolonizing Architecture, that is dealing with how architectural intervention into the structures of Israeli settlements and military bases, can transform these places from their dominant form into more equal communities for both Israelis and Palestinians. The talk however, was more focused on the spatial practices that the Israeli military has learned from architects, in order to extend the occupation of the West Bank. It was held by an Israeli architect, Eyal Weizman, who studies how (israeli) politics are expressed as spatial conditions in Palestine, where the situation is so intense and the examples of domination through architectural means are so many. This guy also leads the Centre for Research Architecture at Goldsmiths university in London, which is based on “practice led theory”, and so could be interesting in reference to our own research in the EK.

Here are links for further reading about the project and the research centre, and I am happy to tell you more about the lecture if you are interested.


2 thoughts on “Military Architecture anno 2010 (Palestine)

  1. Hi SV_R1CH1NA_1
    No, there has been some confusement about that question.
    maybe due to our former clan name EliteKillers of persistent transform. But now we changed our clanname to avoid this confusement to “architecture of persistent transform, EK”
    On behalf of the whole clan, I appologize.
    D_killar, EK2

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