Fugitive Geographies

Hello everyone,
I’m back from the US and from the symposium. It went very well, the organizers and the other presenters were very pleased and interested in the research that I presented.
I want to thank you all for getting involved on our last meeting and providing me with very helpful comments. They allowed me to push the paper and the research much further and I’m very pleased with the result. I’m uploading the final text and the slides for you to see and read it.
I can tell you more about it at school.
Final Draft Yale
Slide presentation_AS


Lausanne reference

Hey there, for anyone interested in having a look at the Bernard Tschumi competition I referenced in the text presentation this morning:


One of the four bridges was actually built as a “purely infrastructural” project, have a look at that on the website as well if you’re interested.

Happy International Women’s Day

Hey males, in honour of International Women’s Day take a minute, read these articles, and realize that you’re part of the problem and you’re not doing anything about it.



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Fugitive Geographies

Hello everyone,
I want to share with all of you a text that I’m writing for a symposium at Yale University in the USA. At the beginning of the year there was a call for papers for a symposium called Fugitive Geographies. My paper Remitting Landscapes got selected so I’ve been working in further developing it. It analyses the altered urban and rural landscapes in Ecuador through the remittances(monetary contributions) by the illegal migrants that left Ecuador after the economic crisis in the year 2000.
The symposium will be on March 24th-25th and I have a 20 min presentation. I submitted my first draft on Friday and I’m working on my slide presentation awaiting their comments.
I’m attaching my first draft if anyone cares to read it and share some comments with me. I would appreciate it.
It’s only a word text for now so don’t expect some cool graphics yet…they are coming soon.