happy new year! and solar ‘death’ ray


this is craazy! it has potential to be used for more than destruction – but destruction is a good start!

hope everyone is enjoying the holidays and have a great new years!! see you soon!


three cubes colliding kite: sash reading/heather & ivan morison:

“the kite is formed by 1,700 3D printed connected segments… the modular piece’s easily scalable form levitates seamlessly, regardless of its size, due to its lightweight composition of carbon fibre rods and cubenfibre aerospace fabric.”


“The extensive catalogue of possibilities will serve as the first step to a more precise parametrization of the process of modeling eight European skyscrapers in scale 1:100.”

Kee – I was thinking of you when looking at this! I know you are looking at stackable components – and well here you are!!!