Yep, it was big in Japan! Concerning both our discussion last Friday but also the text on ‘Fields’ this might be of interest:

“The metabolist architects proposed, in the sixties, understood the city as a LIVING ORGANISM. They imagined a FLEXIBLE city faced phenomenon as growth, metamorphosis and even death, the latter condition is essential to the sustainability of the architectural action.

Supported by TECHNOLOGY, as an extension of the humanity, they proposed DYNAMIC spatial solutions, which were capable of expressing the new lifestyle and adapt to them. In turn, the modulation was a key aspect, related to the world of prefabrication and industrialization, which sought to provide VARIETY in the habitable capsules.

The Marine City Capsules Project designed by architect Kiyonori Kikutake in 1960 -as a way of unblocking the heart of Tokyo- can now be considered a leading edge solution. This floating city, comprising residential towers and centres of production, presented SELF-SUFFICIENCY ENERGY due to a perimeter of solar collectors and using a plant of tidal energy.”


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