New calendar to keep us organised and on track



Students of the EK!!!

After our little meeting today I thought I’d try one more time to link in a calendar to our site so that we can be more organised for next term esspecially with the thesis for EK2 students coming up. As you can see there is a new menu item called calendar under which our new google calendar is displayed! Unfortunately, I have not been able to find a way to edit the calendar directly from wordpress, but for those of you who have a gmail account, I have sent you all an invitation to share the calendar so that we can all add events and edit existing ones.   For those of you who have no received emails about sharing the calendar, please send me your gmail account so i can add you. Alternatively I could give everyone the password to the gmail account the calendar is hosted on so that you can edit it directly from there, although that probably not the best solution!! You are also able to download events from the calendar on the blog directly to your own calendar, which will be very useful especially since you do not need a google account for this!

Please use it – (took me a while to figure out how to do this, so would be nice for me to see it flooded with events).
Final note – YAYY to ORGANISATION! and see you all tomorrow at the meeting!


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