The Curate Series: Benjamin Lucraft # 2 – ‘References’

Yesterday’s post was about maker’s who are explicit in their influence. However there are far more which are much subtler. What follows is a small sample of a collection of images which are part of the points of reference I draw upon when I design or think about what great architecture is or could be. Although in no particular order and with no annotation, they make up part of what influences me. Of course it is a very small sample, being a visual media, but I think its interesting that everyone has their own sources of references, or personal archive, derived from their upbringing, cultural, political, geographical and chronological amongst others.


2 thoughts on “The Curate Series: Benjamin Lucraft # 2 – ‘References’

  1. I have a feeling it’s because I am British too, but looking through these posts from the first ‘Curate Series’ by Ben, I feel like there are some references that provoke my own memories and experiences and a lot are familiar to my life ‘build-up’ and education. Bernard Leach from the last post and the pictures of the fishermen’s huts in Hastings are things which are important memories for me but are so random in the grand scheme of things that I was almost freaked out to see them in such a relatively small collection of someone else’s personal influences. I am sure the reasons we were introduced and hold on to these memories and the ways they influence us are different but it is interesting that anything should be shared at all… It makes me wonder how much each of us shares and holds on to, what influence this has and what gets lost along the way.

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