The Curate Series: Benjamin Lucraft # 4 – ‘Painting’

‘Architecture is often considered the most important human deed, the art form from which other art forms derive life and strength. However, in our time architecture has lost its artistic autonomy and become sheer construction in the name of economic benefit and rationality. Although built architecture has lost the power to influence our emotions, inspiration may yet be gained by the study of the architecture of painting, poetry, and music. These art forms have not, after all, been drained to the same extent by our material and utilitarian culture.’

Juhani Pallasmaa, Time, Memory, and Place in Architectural Experience (1982)

So, some painterly depictions of architecture:


Re-shuffling the studio

Hello all,

I’ve made this quick diagram of our desks so that it’ll be easier for us to move around if and when we want to! lets discuss after the meeting on friday when all of us will be there and also talk/actually clean up the studio a bit for a nicer working environment!!!

See you all in the morning!