The Curate Series: Benjamin Lucraft # 5 – ‘Filmmaking’

‘Poets and painters are born phenomenologists,” as the the phenomenologist J.H. Van den Berg has remarked. In my view, so are novelists, photographers, and film directors. That is why the essence of home, its function as a mirror and support of the inhabitants psyche, is often more revealingly depicted in these art forms than in architecture. The Dutch filmmaker Jan Vrijman has made the thought provoking remark: “…why is it that architecture and architects, unlike film and filmmakers, are so little interested in people during the design process? Why are they so theoretical, so distant from life in general?’

Juhani Pallasmaa, Notes on the Phenomenology of Home (1994)

So, some cinematic depictions of architecture:

Synecdoche New York

Rear Window


Fallen Idol

Play Time

The Truman Show

Barry Lyndon

In the Mood for Love

The wire – this is the final sequence after 60 hours of television. Over that time the show cuts a section through the entire city of Baltimore exploring the issues each stratum of society faces, and the far reaching consequences of the inhabitant’s actions. If you haven’t seen this yet I implore you to do so. Its a proper bit of urban study of the post industrial American city, pushing the citizen at the centre of the debate.


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