Origami Tessellations

In continuation of the post I wrote yesterday, I will briefly describe through images an interesting exploration on origami tessellations that I did while at CITA.

Departing from the shibori experiments with fabric, I tested origami tessellations to develop folding techniques that could be used to generate patterns for laser cutting textiles. The project was in part inspired by the beautiful Le Klint lamps, shown below. Le Klint lamps are folded from single sheets into complex 3D geometries based on principles of origami tessellations. Although, I have mainly been working with the 2D geometry of the folding pattern, the potential to add structure and create form through folds is enticing. For the tests shown below, I’m indebted to Eric Gjerde’s diagrams of origami tessellations. Another book that I can recommend on tessellations is Solid Origami by Shuzo Fujimoto. Lastly, if you are interested in the mathematics of origami tessellations, In the fold: Origami Meets Mathematics, is a helpful introductory article and the blog Space Symmetry Structure is excellent. Also, of interest might be Tomohiro Tachi’s Rigid Origami Simulator.


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