Classic… Marlene Dietrich plays and ex-Nazi cabaret singer in this film by Billy Wilder


Die Mörder sind unter uns [Murderers Among Us]

Along the lines of our previous lecture, I thought I would add to the list of movies dealing with Berlin. Die Mörder sind unter uns [Murderers Among Us] is notable in that it was filmed immediately after the war. It’s an excellent thriller movie and contains amazing documentary footage of people living within the ruinous Berlin.

Link to IMDB page: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0038769/

non-newtonian fluid in speaker!

skip to 2.00 to watch the action!

I wonder if you played the same music would achieve the same form. by playing different levels of frequencies can you control this?! which means the role of the builder is now a musician! you have to design the sound to achieve the construction…! i might have to try this one day!

MICROSOFT XBOX – 3D projections

“Details of an immersive video games display system that projects images of the title’s environment around a player’s room have been revealed in a US patent belonging to Microsoft.”

“Even when focused on the display, the user may perceive architectural and decorative feature of the room the display is in… such features are typically out of context with respect to the displayed image, muting the entertainment potential.”

The firm says the solution is to beam images all over the room so that the gamer’s peripheral vision does not conflict with what they seen on the main screen.