Connections Project Valletta

There has been a interesting /scary project proposal to connect Marsamxett Harbour right across to the Grand Harbour through tunnels underneath the city. It would have cut through basic city foundations, fortifications, tombs, water cistern, fresh water channels, etc.



A Regeneration Strategy For Valletta

I found this article for a “A Regeneration Strategy For Valletta” which is a case study made by ENTRUST, a research project supported by the European Commission.

It talks about the different issues of Valletta, such as demographical issues, economic and social issues, tourism, physical aspects and infrastructure. It mentions also reasons for degradation of buildings such as pollution, traffic etc.

The website of the research project is this, as a pdf you can download it here.

Another interesting text about Subterranean Valletta, its water reservoirs, cisterns and tunnels can be read here.

If you find similar texts about these environmental/occupation issues and about the water collection system, I would be grateful if you could share them here/ with me ­čśë

\\ Alina

Behaviour and the build environment – seminar at dac

This Thursday there will be a seminar called “Behaviour and the build environment” at DAC.

It sounds quite interesting and it is in English and free, but you have to sign up.

In the description it says:

“At the seminar leading international and Danish experts will share their knowledge and present different perspectives on the relationship between architecture and behaviour.

How are we shaped by our context, and why should architecture, which is a significant cause of context, be especially attentive towards existing conditions? How do we avoid that the 21 century architecture will be International Style 2.0 or regional open-air museums?

How do we build rooms for the changing work habits and a change of sociality?

How can architects behavior in the construction process change what we build?

How does the built environment affect a country’s culture and development?

How do new materials behave, and what does it means for our buildings?”

Website in danish and link to sign up here

For the English program click here and scroll down to the seminar on 4th of March and then on “see program”. But there is no link to sign up.

Hope to see some of  you there!

– Alina

Bricks of Enlightenment

Due to the theme how to notate architecture, I find this “opposite” attempt quite interesting.

Here the artist Ismar Cirkinagic tries to visualize an architecture described in the fictional novel “1984” by George Orwell. The model shown in the exhibition is a visualization of the “Ministry of Truth” . For the first short description of the building in the book, have a look at page 4 in the Novel.

It is a very small exhibition by the bosnian-danish artist Ismar Cirkinagic at Kunsthallen Nikolai:

Ismar Cirkinagic in collaboration with A-LAB:
Bricks of Enlightenment – ML2090 First Phase
Upper Gallery – and Nikolaj Plads
January 23 – March 14 2010

“Based on thorough artistic research, Cirkinagic, in co-operation with the architectural drawing office A-LAB, has created an imposing visualization of a building which normally exists only in the reader┬┤s imagination. The exhibition presents the opportunity to walk around in a scale 1:1 section of the building, assisted by an audio track for directions, as well as a smaller model of the whole building.”

“The motivation behind ML2090 is Ismar Cirkinagic┬┤own personal experiences with life under two different political systems. Born in Bosnia in 1973 under Tito┬┤s moderate totalitarianism, he escaped to Denmark in 1992 because of the war in the former Yugoslavia.”

(text from the web page of Kunsthallen Nikolai – see the web page for the full description)


Unit 14 work in progress blog´╗┐

It is basically just Olli posting on that blog, but he posted some interesting videos/links.

Have a look through all the pages,┬á concerning what we were doing last week I find for example the “Wooden Mirror” link inspiring. As well always again fascinating: Johnny Lees “Wii remote control hack”.


Savrseni krug (1997) – The perfect circle

I have to add a film recommendation to the film list. It’s “Savrseni krug” – ” The perfect circle”.

“An alcoholic Bosnian poet sends his wife and daughter away from Sarajevo so they can avoid the troubles there. However, he is soon descended upon by a pair of orphaned brothers. The brothers have escaped a massacre in their own village and have come to the Bosnian capital in search of a long lost Aunt. The poet befriends the boys and together they try to survive the horror of the siege of Sarajevo.”

– Alina