Film Night

Hi all.

During Antonio’s critique last week, I was taken by the images from the film “Fitzcarraldo” and became interested in how we can weave films as references for our projects just as we are doing with our reading materials.

Conveniently, I have a projector and a very large living room (formally a shop) that could probably fit 21+ people pretty comfortably.  Maybe we can have a relaxing film viewing night at my place after the workshop on Monday, the 16th?

David mentioned “Paris, Texas” from which he watched a short but beautiful scene in his Theory class.  Sounded interesting.
And Fitzcarraldo sounds interesting as well.  My roommate also has a good collection of David Lynch, Hitchcock, some Fellini and Antonioni.  Or we can just do 80’s night – “The Breakfast Club” (for Jed).  Suggestions, please!

I will also provide some popcorn. Let me know what you guys think.

And afterwards, we can all go to Phil’s place right across the street and meet his family!