Jesse Sykes and the Sweet Hereafter @ Huset i Magstræde

Hey guys,

As many of you know, I’m working behind the bar at Huset i Magstræde since last summer, but only a few have visited me there. On Sunday the 24th a concert by a Seattle band, Jesse Sykes and the Sweet Hereafter will be at the House in the Music Cafe (3.sal entrance off of Magstræde)

I will be working that night and can likely get you on the guestlist at the door… beers will also be personale pris, a measly 10 kr flaske øl or 15 kr fadøl… not bad at all.

I will not be working in May/June so this is a good chance to come out and hear some live music as a group. Maybe somebody can pass this on to friends in the EK1 group as well.

Also, Damien Jurado (also from USA) is playing on the 11th. Will also be working that evening and can recommend that show. -Michael


Lausanne reference

Hey there, for anyone interested in having a look at the Bernard Tschumi competition I referenced in the text presentation this morning:

One of the four bridges was actually built as a “purely infrastructural” project, have a look at that on the website as well if you’re interested.

Peter Salter…

Thought you all would find these drawings by P. Salter relevant after our discussion.

I have the book, 4+1 Peter Salter: Building Projects, at my desk if you’re interested in taking a look.Inami Woodcarving Museum