Jesse Sykes and the Sweet Hereafter @ Huset i Magstræde

Hey guys,

As many of you know, I’m working behind the bar at Huset i Magstræde since last summer, but only a few have visited me there. On Sunday the 24th a concert by a Seattle band, Jesse Sykes and the Sweet Hereafter will be at the House in the Music Cafe (3.sal entrance off of Magstræde)

I will be working that night and can likely get you on the guestlist at the door… beers will also be personale pris, a measly 10 kr flaske øl or 15 kr fadøl… not bad at all.

I will not be working in May/June so this is a good chance to come out and hear some live music as a group. Maybe somebody can pass this on to friends in the EK1 group as well.

Also, Damien Jurado (also from USA) is playing on the 11th. Will also be working that evening and can recommend that show. -Michael


Jed in 4 way split of COARQ competition

Having submitted his ‘Healing Ground – an urban market farm in Sarajevo’ EK1 project to the COARQ competition
‘The Jury Members have designated four honorable mentions, while declared the first place empty’
Congratulations to Jed!

Read and see more here:


On this Monday the 8th of March 21:30 at Gloria, Black Academia Club will be having the first official screening in Denmark, of the film:


Visual Acoustics celebrates the life and career of Julius Shulman, the world’s greatest architectural photographer, whose images brought modern architecture to the American mainstream.

The film won the 2009 Palm Springs International Film Festival Audience Award for Best Documentary Feature as well as awards at the Austin Film Festival, Newport Beach Film Festival and the Lone Star International Film Festival.

More info:


There will be served a small refreshment at the event. Don’t know what…but nice.

Good movie. Good people. Good thing to spend a monday evening on.


Mr. Jule Hygge and Sara W is inviting

Everyone is invited to jule hygge at Saras place sunday the 29th. from 13/1pm. People can pop by during the afternoon. There will be cookies and glögg (alcohol)

Bring a pair of scissors (one or as many as you can carry) and your jule-mood

The adress is

Prinsessegade 5b, 3th (3rd to the right)


Love, Sara (20210892)

Drømme i København / Dreams in Copenhagen

In this week there is Copenhagen Dox. One of the worlds largest documentary film festivals. The festival started last friday by showing a film by Max Kestner of Copenhagen, its citizens and its physical environment, which is to shaping our lives. A poetic film about the city, its life and its architecture.

I saw it friday and can warmly recommend it. It is showing at DAC (danish architecture center), the 22th. 10.00-11.30

It is 40 kr. and you have to submit at the homepage above, under “tilmelding”



Film Night

Hi all.

During Antonio’s critique last week, I was taken by the images from the film “Fitzcarraldo” and became interested in how we can weave films as references for our projects just as we are doing with our reading materials.

Conveniently, I have a projector and a very large living room (formally a shop) that could probably fit 21+ people pretty comfortably.  Maybe we can have a relaxing film viewing night at my place after the workshop on Monday, the 16th?

David mentioned “Paris, Texas” from which he watched a short but beautiful scene in his Theory class.  Sounded interesting.
And Fitzcarraldo sounds interesting as well.  My roommate also has a good collection of David Lynch, Hitchcock, some Fellini and Antonioni.  Or we can just do 80’s night – “The Breakfast Club” (for Jed).  Suggestions, please!

I will also provide some popcorn. Let me know what you guys think.

And afterwards, we can all go to Phil’s place right across the street and meet his family!