MICROSOFT XBOX – 3D projections

“Details of an immersive video games display system that projects images of the title’s environment around a player’s room have been revealed in a US patent belonging to Microsoft.”

“Even when focused on the display, the user may perceive architectural and decorative feature of the room the display is in… such features are typically out of context with respect to the displayed image, muting the entertainment potential.”

The firm says the solution is to beam images all over the room so that the gamer’s peripheral vision does not conflict with what they seen on the main screen.


Topographic Projections: Jim Sanborn

just a few images of these MASSIVE light projections on the landscape as a continuation of today’s meeting on land-art and non-site…

These are long exposures of the projection – so the full scheme can only be seen in photographs and they can only be captured during the night…


“These images were produced by direct, large format, light projection.  The projector, powered by a mobile generator, was moved from site to site.  All of the pieces were photographed at night using long exposures.  On moonless nights, the landscape was lit with searchlights.  The landforms themselves are quite large, requiring the projector and camera to be, on average, 1/2 mile away from the subject landscape.”