non-newtonian fluid in speaker!

skip to 2.00 to watch the action!

I wonder if you played the same music would achieve the same form. by playing different levels of frequencies can you control this?! which means the role of the builder is now a musician! you have to design the sound to achieve the construction…! i might have to try this one day!


The Sound of Cities

To follow on from Andreas’ post below, there is an interview I read a while ago but I still think about when on this subject.

Jace Clayton, AKA DJ/Ruptureblogs about music and space, particularly on the contemporary sound of migration, whether that’s in Harlem, Barcelona or Brussels. He’d been living in Barcelona, and moved to NYC relatively recently, and had an interesting perspective on the sound of both cities.’

I find it an interesting angle and not often discussed by architects to think about the way our cities sound and why. Read more here.

A link to him talking about Cyprus amonst other things.

I highly recommend his weekly podcast from WFMU in New York.