Urban gardening in wartime Sarajevo

BAM! breaking the silence…

Pernille brought it up on tuesdays crit; Urban gardening. A quite contradictory phenomenon. But nonetheless quite interesting, especially in Sarajevo (In my oppinion) Going to the city museum I fell over these few pictures showing how they used urban areas for farming.

After a little reading in to the subject, I came across this short post about gardeing in wartime http://pruned.blogspot.com/2007/05/defiant-gardens.html I find especially the bombcrater garden quite nice.

Meanwhile nowadays the urban gardening is becoming quite big especially in the states, where churches amongst many are starting to make small gardens in urban areas, even in Brooklyn (according to Antonio aka Señor Salvador) See fx. http://landscapeandurbanism.blogspot.com/2008/05/agro-urbanism.html or my personal favorite a rural rethinking of Philadelphia http://bldgblog.blogspot.com/2007/11/farmadelphia.html

A ruralising of the urban.

Back to Sarajevo. In the time after the siege there has been a discussion about how Sarajevo had been ruralized. Here is a translation of Håkons text about the subject

“An anthropological study of Sarajevo and its urban development describes the city’s development in relation to relocation and new arrival from the surrounding villages.
According to the article 240,000 people fled during the war, after which 100000-150000 people from the country side migrated to the city. The study describes an evolution from urban city to a deurbanized city, a sort of large village. It also describes how an earlier parallel case, from Tito’s times where you wanted a “Europazation” of the city and thus forced crowds to migrate to cities, but with a “ruralisering of cities” as a result.”

So I find that the idea to (re-)introduce the urban farming/gardening as a subject in Sarajevo has many interesting sides to it.



post scriptum

If you guys are interested search for urban gardening or vertical farming. Good bloggs in that genre is http://pruned.blogspot.com and http://landscapeandurbanism.blogspot.com

I have the article about the anthropological study in danish if anyone is interested

i guess that the “In my oppinion” comment is quite irrellevant since it is a blogg and everything written is of ones own oppinion.